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The 6 Wildcats of Costa Rica.

Many tourists have heard about the world famous bird watching in Costa Rica, but there is also another type of animal that is worth your attention: wild cats. Costa Rica is actually home to six different wild species: Ocelot, Margay, Jaguar, Puma, Jaguarundi, and Oncilla. Below are some cat facts for you to know when planning your next adventure vacation to Costa Rica.


eBird and Citizen Science at the Arenal Observatory Lodge & Spa.

Since its launch in 2002 eBird has been the primary database used by birders at the Arenal Observatory Lodge & Spa to keep track of their observations. By utilizing eBird for our bird observations we are providing key data on the biodiversity of avian populations in the Arenal Volcano National Park and Costa Rica as a whole.


Arenal Private Reserve Aids Costa Rica Reforestation Success.

Costa Rica’s success story with reforestation is quite amazing. The Central American nation did a complete turn-around from being one of the most deforested countries in the world by the early 1980s, to today being over 52 percent covered with forest.


4th Annual Conteo de Aves (Bird Count).

On December 3rd, 2016 three members of the Arenal Observatory Lodge & Spa team participated in the 4th Annual Conteo De Aves Arenal. In total, 70 birders participated in this year’s bird count.


There are always surprises while bird watching in Costa Rica.

After many years of leading bird watching tours in Costa Rica, it is always exciting for an experienced guide to see something new. Recently, on an early morning bird watching tour in the forest gardens at Arenal Observatory Lodge, naturalist guide Cristian Campos saw something quite unusual.


Then and now: How the eruption of Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica changed everything.

Forty-eight years ago, the quiet agricultural community of Arenal, Costa Rica lived peacefully raising cattle and farming around the rainforest-covered, cone-shaped mountain called Cerro Arenal. Life had been tranquil like this for nearly 500 years. No one expected on the morning of July 29, 1968, that sudden events would change their lives forever and the history of the Arenal Volcano.


Costa Rica’s Private Nature Reserves are vital to conservation.

Millions of visitors come to Costa Rica every year to see and experience its spectacular nature. From rainforests to cloud forests, volcanoes and mountains to beaches and lush jungle, Costa Rica deserves its fame for amazing natural resources. In addition to Costa Rica’s excellent system of national parks, it is the country’s organization of private nature reserves that helps preserve Costa Rica’s tropical ecosystems and their biodiversity.


The place to be for amazing views of Arenal Volcano and Lake.

When the fresh pink glow of sunrise creeps up the side of Arenal Volcano and stretches over the forest treetops, there is no better place to be than on the large open deck at Arenal Observatory Lodge & Spa. And when the sun sinks low over beautiful Lake Arenal, the sky awash in fiery colors and the lake mirroring rosy hues, again, there is no better place to be than on that same deck. Sip a cool drink, snap your most memorable travel photos, and revel in the splendor of nature’s beauty.


Hand painted murals – Rebeca Fernandez.

Painter and ceramist, Costa Rican artist Rebeca Fernandez Zeledón was born in 1967. With studies in Fine Arts at the Universidad de Costa Rica and the Universidad Autónoma de Centro América, she obtained an specialization degree in ceramic in the italian city of Faenza. Her creative experience has been permanent in her life since she was15 years old and this has been also her earing and lifestyle. With personal and collective exibitions in Costa and Italy, she obtained several distinctions as innovative designer.


40 Years of Eruption, The Arenal Volcano.

This is a summary of the major eruptions of Arenal Volcano between July 29, 1968 and 2008 (Source: La Nación Newspaper) "Currently the volcano is in a resting period with very little activity"