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The Frog sings.

Bordered by the Cerro Chato volcano and La Fortuna town and hidden among lush green trees and sloping forest is the Arenal Volcano National Park, in Costa Rica, a place where the Arenal Observatory Lodge with its 870 acres of different forest, habitats and biodiversity is nested- a place to hear “the frog sings”.


Some days, Arenal Volcano really smokes.

Some days, Arenal Volcano really smokes Arenal Volcano stills let off smokes. This "sleepy volcano" may "wakes up" again and starts erupting. Because of the gas we see in the cone of the volcano, from Arenal Observatory Lodge & Spa, we decided to check this phenomenon with volcanologist and friend J. Barquero, mentioning the stages taking place in the Arenal Volcano.


Getting close with a live volcano in Costa Rica at Arenal Observatory Lodge.

By Shannon Farley, travel blog writer for Enchanting Costa Rica


Phil´s Villa, the history.

“Phil’s Villa” is named in memory of Phillip Slosberg, a longtime guest at Arenal Observatory Lodge & Spa, who built this house and made it his home. Phil, as he was affectionately known, lived here with his wife, Jeanie, from 2008 to 2011.


Why you can’t miss the spectacular rainforest and volcano trails at Arenal Observatory Lodge in Costa Rica.

Just around the bend on every trail at Arenal Observatory Lodge & Spa is a magnificent new view of the impressive Arenal Volcano and rainforest in Costa Rica. The award-winning eco-lodge is uniquely located inside the Arenal Volcano National Park, directly between the massive volcano and Lake Arenal. Seven miles of mountain biking, horseback riding and hiking trails meander across the volcano lodge’s 870-acre property.


Explore our habitat and discover seasonal springs and frog pond.

Explore our habitat and discover its riches When it's rainy in Costa Rica, you can be sure there will be plenty to do throughout the country. Located at the foothills of the Arenal Volcano at an elevation of 350 ft above the sea level, Arenal Observatory Lodge is an eco-project farm with a friendly atmosphere that the whole family can enjoy during the trip.


The Aspinall Family, Arenal Observatory Lodge & Spa.

The Aspinall Family came to Arenal in 1972 when the Costa Rican Electrical Institue (ICE) was building a dam to create Arenal Lake. At the beginning they had to either walk or ride by horses from the entrance of the National Park and decided to buy an abandoned cattle farm of about 870 acres to plant macadamia, lumber trees and protect the remaining natural forest.


Expecting the Unexpected at Arenal Observatory Lodge.

The beautiful region of the northern plains of Costa Rica sits in the shadow of its more famous neighbor, Arenal Volcano, this volcano is so fascinating, delightful and the awe-inspiring natural character of the environment, immerses you in wildlife and the rainforest.


Birding with Christian.

Each day of theweek for the last ten years, our bird specialist named Cristian organized a morning tour in the Arenal Observatory Lodge. Every morning, starting early, the tour begins with small talk to begin the walk-through of the property fields.


Holidays at Christmas time in Costa Rica.

We are know how to put on a party - big time. If you are lucky enough to share a holiday or fiesta with our local people, it will add a whole new dimension to your vacation. December - All month - the Lights Festival in San Jose features homes and business decotared with lights. Parades, concerts and nightly firework displays. The following activities can make your trip an unique experience: