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Ornithology and Avitourism Workshop.

For two days in September, the Arenal Observatory Lodge & Spa had the pleasure of hosting a workshop on birdwatching in collaboration with the Costa Rica Ornithology Association (Asociación Ornitologica de Costa Rica). In addition to our staff at the hotel, we invited members of the community to join us for one of two, four-hour long workshops providing an introduction into ornithology and the importance of birdwatching.


Arenal Annual Birding Count.

December 2013 - Arenal Annual Birding Count The 1st Arenal Annual Christmas Bird Counts, sponsored by Arenal Observatory Lodge and conducted by International and local bird watchers, bird lovers and volunteers, were held throughout the Arenal area. The counts attempt to record every individual bird encountered within 8 different routes and during 8 hours of one calendar day during December 7, 2013. The Christmas Bird Counts identified 341 bird species only in Arenal surrounding area; this represents 38% of Costa Rica´s Biodiversity.


A Bird Watching experience at Arenal Observatory Lodge.

We had a very pleasant and enjoyable stay at the lodge and in the La Fortuna area in general. My group was especially pleased with their accommodations and I was happy with my room as well, even though my view was not quite as good and I couldn't see the birds that they had so close to their rooms!


Exceptional Views at Arenal Observatory Lodge.

  • Exceptional location and views of Arenal Volcano.
  • Eco friendly resort so you can get up close to the wildlife.
  • Self-guided hikes and walks within the vast hotel grounds.

Great Travel Experience at Arenal Observatory Lodge.

Want to know what it feels like to be just a couple miles away from the bottom of a volcano? You can find out if you stay at the Arenal Observatory Lodge, a hotel located 1.7 miles from Arenal Volcano. This huge property of 350 hectares offers 7 miles of trails, waterfalls, daily guided hikes, a museum, an observatory tower and a garden all with incredible views of the volcano.


Lake Arenal.

Lake Arenal, Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica If you weren´t impressed by - or couldn´t see - the volcano, take a ride around Lake Arenal, Costa Rica´s largest lake at 33km/20miles long. The view of the countryside is wonderful.


Volcanoes, nature´s hot spot.

The most spectacular and exciting feature of Costa Rica´s central and northern mountain ranges are the active volcanoes that form their high summits.Active not just a millennium or two ago; several of your friendly neighborhood volcanoes are still going strong. These are


Another day of grace.

Writen by Andrea MacEachern The Final Leg of my Costa Rica Adventure - A Night at the Arenal Observatory Lodge & Spa, a Mighty Volcano and my First Run-in with a Very Poisonous Snake


The Weather in Arenal Volcano.

Arenal Volcano is a very famous and an international tourist spot. It is known as the best holiday spot in Costa Rica.


Tortuguero National Park, the adventure.

The fertile Atlantic coast slope drains into the Caribbean Sea at Costa Rica´s remote northeastern border with Nicaragua, along the San Juan River. Here, the Barra del Colorado Wildlife Refuge and the 20,000 hectare Tortguero National Park, do their bit to protect their famous networl of canals, tributaries and the vast green, alluvial plain.