Saino (Peccary) Trail

A paved trail of approximately 800 meters (0.5 miles) allows universal access to explore the hotel gardens and secondary rainforest, and gives excellent views of the Arenal Volcano. You can often spot coatis and howler or spider monkeys, and birds like Crested guans, toucans, oropendulas, Clay-colored robins, tanagers, and many types of hummingbirds (Rufous-tailed, Black-crested coquettes, Green hermits, Purple-throated mountain gems). Tropical flora include: guava trees, tropical pine trees, Cecropia trees, fig (ficus) trees, gingers, heliconias & hibiscus. The paved trail also is perfect for a short night hike to immerse yourself in the exotic sounds and smells of the jungle after dark.

Duration: Approximately 30 minutes roundtrip