The Weather in Arenal Volcano.

Arenal Volcano is a very famous and an international tourist spot. It is known as the best holiday spot in Costa Rica.

The favorable weather makes it a perfect vacation destination for outdoor activities. Some of the outdoor activities enjoyed by tourists in Arenal Volcano include such as fishing, and horseback riding, the hot springs and hiking trails. In addition to outdoor activities, the weather in the region is favorable for the local vegetation, flora and fauna. Fortunately, the beautiful surroundings and nature in the area can be enjoyed even more so with the region’s moderate climate.

Summer is the most popular times for travel on the Arenal Volcano and, understandably so since most of the days are sunny and warm. The temperatures range from 28 to a high of 32 degrees Celsius, with very little rainfall if any.

If you enjoy warmer weathers but do not want to travel during the busiest seasons, then you may prefer to travel during the rainy season. The weather is nearly as warm as it is in the summer with temperatures ranging between 22 to 27 degrees Celsius. Rainfall  is between 26 and 30 mm.

The temperatures drop during the rainy season but the climate is still mild, with temperatures ranging from 19 to 28 degrees Celsius. Fortunately, Arenal Volcano is part of the costa Rica central mountain range, keeping it warmer year around.

From May through the month of November, Costa Rica reports its rainy season and this allows the environment to dress in green, with larger crops.

From the Arenal Observatory Lodge & Spa, you will enjoy a 360° panoramic views of Lake Arenal and also the Arenal Volcano just in front of our lodge.