Each day of theweek for the last ten years, our bird specialist named Cristian organized a morning tour in the Arenal Observatory Lodge. Every morning, starting early, the tour begins with small talk to begin the walk-through of the property fields.

Opticsis sleek and powerful-they give us super-powered sight. But what are all those amazing looks at birds without a bird guide worth? In a sense the bird guide is both trusted companion and teacher. It is always there when we need its counsel, and gives us access to a vast library of knowledge. A bird guide may just be your most valuable birding companion.

Cristian, 31 years old, is a local guide who made his studies at the Learning National Institute (INA) and the UNED, has become a bird specialist.  His experience helps us to find different endemic birds, transitional birds and many others

Bird watching is one of the most popular outdoor activities. Those of us, who love birds, have watched birds, in our back yards or at the local parks, raise and support their families, but every so often we have the urge to escape beyond these confinements and go out into the wild to watch birds in their native habitats.

  • For Christian, birds not only live, they are an essential part of the environment of the hotel and the life around us. Every morning is a new experience and he´ has been able to recognize new species that previously was not possible to find.
  • For Christian, birds not only live; The sight of birds is not only clean colors or sounds of nature, or admired devotion to these fragile animals that get a life experience that humans will never have on our own. We share with them our common destiny in the world, and if we look at this we are anticipating what will be our future. Therefore, commitment to the birds goes far beyond the simple observation: keep their environment is to invest in our future.