Arenal Crossfit Challenge

The Arenal Crossfit Challenge circuit at the Arenal Observatory Lodge & Trails in La Fortuna, Costa Rica is a multisport, outdoor trail running circuit. The first of its kind in Costa Rica, this 8-kilometer (5-mile) course will prove a challenge for all levels of fitness enthusiasts.

The Arenal Crossfit Challenge begins at the COATI Coffee & Smoothie Bar located in the Observatory Visitor Center. Here you will find all the information you need to orient yourself prior to embarking on this incredible fitness test. We suggest all participants download the digital maps (also available on Garmin Connect and STRAVA) and review the available material before beginning the circuit. The crossfit circuit consists of 6 stages, with a unique exercise station separating each stage. We have suggested exercises to perform at each fitness station, however, we encourage runners to adapt these exercises according to their fitness goals.

This unique fitness journey will take participants through a variety of the habitats contained within the Arenal Observatory Lodge & Trails’ nature reserve. Runners will explore the Arenal Observatory’s well-manicured gardens, picturesque farmland, and rugged tropical rainforest wilderness. Keep an eye out for wildlife on your journey, you never know what animals will appear on your trek around the outer reaches of the property.

The majority of the Arenal Crossfit Challenge course is on gravel roads, but participants will also be required to run on paved roads, single-track trails, and traverse mountain streams. Conditions can vary, and for safety reasons, we encourage all participants to run with a buddy or as part of a group. Small signs labeled with the Arenal Crossfit Challenge logo are strategically placed throughout the course to aid with navigation. With a couple of minor exceptions, once runners have passed the green gate located approximately 300 meters from the start, the course will follow the outermost trails of the property, requiring runners to stay to the left at most intersections.

All tap-drawn water at the Arenal Observatory Lodge & Trails is potable, however, taps are less frequent in the outer reaches of the property. We recommend hydrating before beginning the crossfit challenge and encourage runners to pack any hydrating fluids they may need. Please help us keep the course and nature reserve clean by holding onto any waste until the finish where it can be properly disposed of.

The course ends when runners arrive at the COATI Coffee & Smoothie Bar. Here, participants can recover while enjoying one of our nutritionally balanced fruit smoothies. The Visitor Center provides internet access to update your training logs and synchronize your fitness watches. While you rest and plan what to do next, check out the Observatory Museum across the hall. Here you can learn much more about the history of the property and the surrounding area.

Access to the Arenal Crossfit Challenge is included for all Arenal Observatory Lodge & Trails guests. If you are not a guest and wish to visit our trails and nature reserve for the day, we have different options of day passes available, all of which include access to the circuit.

If you have already visited us and experienced the Arenal Crossfit Challenge, let us know what you thought by tagging us @arenalobservatorylodge with #crossfitchallenge on social media.