At Arenal Observatory Lodge & Trails we are committed to the development of sustainable tourism. The definition of sustainable development states that we must meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations. This is an unavoidable responsibility of those of us who shape the present.
It is for this reason that we are part of the Code of Conduct Program. This program consists of the commitment of the Costa Rican tourism industry to discourage and denounce the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents as an axis of sustainable and responsible tourism.

As every year, we actively participate in the training provided by those in charge of the Code of Conduct program, regarding ESCNA (Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents) to acquire greater guidance and knowledge that allows us to carry the message to our collaborators. . Furthermore, we are very committed to the objective that we seek to always go hand in hand with the sustainability and well-being of our children and adolescents.
In addition, we hold talks and training where, through dynamics, our collaborators acquire knowledge about the program that it consists of and because our hotel is very interested in continuing to be part of it. Our goal is to contribute to the protection and well-being of our children and adolescents, in addition to expressing zero tolerance for types of behavior that may violate human rights.

Children and adolescents are exposed to situations of vulnerability and it is for this reason that we must become aware, it is true that unity is strength and it is a daily struggle, but at Arenal Observatory Lodge & Trials, we are committed to being able to generate change. .
Our objective is to convey the message to all our collaborators so that they can replicate the information and raise awareness of the importance of protecting minors. Being part of this program allows people to be made aware of the issue of commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents (CSEC) and train them in the legal framework for the criminalization of commercial sexual exploitation.

Likewise, it allows them to have the necessary knowledge to identify the actions that must be taken in the event of a suspicious situation of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of children and adolescents and the existing institutional resources for reporting and responding to them.

The various situations that arise in the daily life of our tourist environment allow us to arm ourselves with strategies, projections and provisions that comply with correct practices for society, which is why our collaborators are annually qualified and trained to offer the safety of our clients such as children and adolescents who visit our facilities.

The training provided to our collaborators is aimed at developing constant analysis and immediate solutions under correct ethical procedures that guide non-tolerance of the commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents. The training is guided by techniques and exercises that allow us to analyze scenarios. close to reality and compliance with guidelines.

Our policies and programs are conducted under the manifesto and conformity of adequate management of current situations that our collaborators face daily, therefore, continuous training allows us to promote good service to our internal and external clients that make up our hotel.

As a hotel we care about offering a safe and healthy place to stay, which is why our projections and activities support compliance with the protection of rights, by promoting peace and harmony under healthy behaviors.