As a part of our commitment to sustainable tourism, the local community, and the environment, the Arenal Observatory Lodge & Spa, in coordination with SONATI (Sociedad y Naturaleza Internacional) carried out a course about environmental education for the nearby school in El Castillo, La Fortuna.

The course consisted of two theoretical and dynamic talks which encouraged participation from the students. Topics included: the different types of ecosystems, the importance of the forests, conservation, and wildlife among others.

These talks were followed by a walk around the grounds of the hotel on May 21st in order to reinforce the ideas learned in the classroom. Also, in commemoration of World Bee Day, the students helped build an insect hotel at the lodge. This project hopes to improve awareness of the importance of invertebrates in the ecosystem.

Activities like this provide opportunities for the Arenal Observatory Lodge & Spa to demonstrate its commitment to our local community and the environment, striving to create a better tomorrow for our families by means of environmental education.