Explore our habitat and discover its riches
When it’s rainy in Costa Rica, you can be sure there will be plenty to do throughout the country.
Located at the foothills of the Arenal Volcano at an elevation of 350 ft above the sea level, Arenal Observatory Lodge is an eco-project farm with a friendly atmosphere that the whole family can enjoy during the trip.
One very interesting way to explore the Arenal Observatory Lodge & Spa is by foot. The Farm has over 11 km. of scenic trails that lead you through pastures and meadows, along mountain streams, through the current Rain Forest, and into the forest and hills beyond.
In the mountains there are springs that emerge more strongly in the rainy season. It is easy to find several springs that also form small ponds where frogs and other species reproduce.
Arenal Observatory Lodge & Spa has developed a program for the conservation of all species that live in our house. This has enabled us to design and care for the new frog exhibit also allows us to study the environment and the behavior of local species.
For nature lovers who care for each space, explore our habitat and discover its riches in a reward that few have today.