We are know how to put on a party – big time. If you are lucky enough to share a holiday or fiesta with our local people, it will add a whole new dimension to your vacation.

December – All month – the Lights Festival in San Jose features homes and business decotared with lights. Parades, concerts and nightly firework displays. The following activities can make your trip an unique experience:

  • Week of 8th – Fiesta de los Negritos. Indian rituals combine with Catholic concepts to honor the virgin of the Inmmaculate Conception. Costumes, drums, flute music and dance in the indigenous village Boruca.
  • Week of 12th – Fiesta de la Yeguita (Little Mare) in Nicoya. Virgin of Guadalupe is honored with ancient Indian Rituals and special foods, processions, fireworks and concerts.
  • Mid-December – Posada season begins. Carolers go from house to house (many colecting for religious donations) and Tico friends, co-workers and families get together in homes and restaurants for long joyful meals.
  • Mid-December to end of month – Festejos Populares (Popular Festival). South San Jose fairgrounds at Zapote put on the country´s largest and most unusual year-end bash with rides, food, bull teasing, music and fireworks. As many as 200 people cram into the bullring and a bull is released into the crowd. Reminiscent of the “Running of the bulls” in Pamplona, Spain, except there is no place to run.
  • Decemeber 26th – Tope, the daddy of all horse parades, downtown San Jose.