The webcam at Arenal Observatory Lodge & Spa was recently selected as one of the 25 Most Interesting Webcams of 2018. This webcam was selected by a panel of judges from thousands of nominees around the world. As a family-owned ecolodge, the Arenal Observatory Lodge & Spa has always dreamed of sharing the natural wonders of Costa Rica with the world. Through our partnership with EarthCam, we have been able to make this dream a reality.


EarthCam is a global leader in providing webcam content. Their global network of cameras encourage exploration and allow people to discover new and unique locations. In addition to providing access to world-class tourism destinations, EarthCam systems offer applications in construction, education, transportation, and entertainment industries.


The EarthCam network of tourism cameras extends far beyond the breathtaking views of the Arenal Volcano. Be sure to check out some of their other most famous sites, which include Times Square, the Eiffel Tower, the World Trade Center, Abbey Road Crossing, the Statue of Liberty, and many more.