Some days, Arenal Volcano really smokes
Arenal Volcano stills let off smokes. This “sleepy volcano” may “wakes up” again and starts erupting.
Because of the gas we see in the cone of the volcano, from Arenal Observatory Lodge & Spa, we decided to check this phenomenon with volcanologist and friend J. Barquero, mentioning the stages taking place in the Arenal Volcano.
“At the end of the period of active solids the volcano had two points of activity in the crater C (new) which hold heat, for that reason when it is clear output steam, sometimes low and sometimes high is observed. It is more common to see the column to the north of the crater (from La Palma) and occasionally the southern point (the Observatory Lodge).
  • 1st photo column of water vapor being carried by the wind to the east is observed.
  • 2nd photo two small columns of water vapor are emitted from two points within the crater C. The wind moved it westward. In the background is the sunset.
In short, the Arenal Volcano activity has not increased, after several rainy days and dry days with high ambient temperatures the evaporation is higher, this phenomenon allows to see the volcano more beautiful.
I have also been reported bearing of rocks that is nothing new, we have seen them since 2010 due to the settlement of the rocks in the crater or erosion by wind or rain. They are very unstable rocks rolling and crawling over others causing avalanches of cold rocks.”