Bordered by the Cerro Chato volcano and La Fortuna town and hidden among lush green trees and sloping forest is the Arenal Volcano National Park, in Costa Rica, a place where the Arenal Observatory Lodge with its 870 acres of different forest, habitats and biodiversity is nested- a place to hear “the frog sings”. Arenal Observatory Lodge with more than 300 acres is the anchor of the Arenal and Monteverde destinations, two important natural Preserves in Costa Rica and is a common place of visit among tourists as well as locals who drop in for fresh air away from the hustle and bustle of the streets beyond.

The frogs… How many times have you heard them and ignored them? Or how many times have you paid attention to their presence? We have been fascinated by the beautiful voices. Usually the loud noise is made by the male frogs calling to attract females to the breeding sites for mating. Mostly it takes place during the rainy seasons (from May to November). The males also call to announce the territories so as to keep off other males.
Masked Tree Frogs are a common sight in Drake Bay, and very often they are heard before they are seen, their raucous call fills the air throughout the rainy season and during the dry season rains. They are good sized tree frogs and adults measure between 40 to 78 millimeters.
Red Eye Frog
A female red-eyed tree frog has laid a batch of eggs on a leaf. She chose the spot carefully—the leaf hangs over a pond.
When the eggs are ready to hatch, the tadpoles inside start swirling around vigorously. The activity breaks each egg open, releasing the little tadpoles. All the tadpoles wash down the leaf in a little stream of moisture from the hatching eggs, and—plop! plop! plop!—they land in the pond below