We know what you are thinking: What to do in La Fortuna? La Fortuna is an adventurous, nature-filled vacation spot that is fun for all ages. Welcoming tour guides and helpful locals make it a family-friendly location, while zip-lining and hiking trails make it ideal for thrill-seekers. Bring your camera and your rain poncho and get ready for Bird watching, howling monkeys, Arenal Volcano National Park and the time of your life.

Hiking through the stunning Arenal Volcano National Park

During the hike, you will pass through beautiful forests and vast fields overtaken by past volcanic eruptions where black lava has hardened. It is also delighted to see howler monkeys, parrots, and hummingbirds on the hike around this natural phenomenon.

If you’re planning on hiking the trails of Arenal Volcano National Park , it’s important to be prepared for your day excursion. The trails are mostly flat with minimum natural steps to climb.  For safety reasons, there are no longer hiking tours to the west ridge of the crater rim.  There are a number of trails that remain that are safe to view the volcano at an advisable distance.

Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge

In a remote area of the north lies the large, swampy, wildlife mecca, Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge. It’s a long drive (124 kms north from Cuidad Quesada), but a huge interest for dedicated eco-travelers, naturalists and birders. A large lake covers much of the 9,969-hectare park; most sightseeing is done by boat and the best time to visit here is the rainy season – more water means more birds.

The Venado Cave

The Venado Cave entrance was discovered in 1945 on a private farm in the rural town of Venado (about 10km north from La Fortuna) by following a stream that flows from its mouth. The interior is undeveloped, without railings or cement walkways, and no enlarged headroom where the cave roof drops to under two meters. Resident cave dwellers include a large colony of bats (not always hanging out), tarantulas, big crickets and the occasional snake. Be prepared to get dirty – rubber boots, hard hats, flashlights and face masks supplied by tour operators who run trips here.

White Water Rafting

There are more active adventures that bathing in the hot springs of watching the Arenal Volcano. Whitewater rafting is big is the area on the Toro and Peñas Blancas rivers, both of which have some excellent Class III and IV (even V) rapids.

Hanging Bridges

There are numerous ways to get up into the forest here. Located just over the Lake Arenal dam, about 9 kms from Arenal Observatory Lodge, this attraction is a complex of gentle trails and suspension bridges through a beautiful tract of primary rain forest. Guided tours, early bird-watching tours and transportation are also available.

Canyoning Tour

This adventure sport is a mix of hiking through and alongside a jungle river, punctuated with periodic rappels through and alongside the faces of rushing waterfalls.