When traveling in the morning from San Jose to Arenal Volcano, and would like to enjoy the route to know more of Costa Rica, an excellent option is to visit the Poas Volcano National Park. The park offers parking, a history museum, hiking trails for a smooth fit for anyone where you can get to the viewpoint of the crater. There is also a path through the mountain that will take you to the Botos Lagoon is part of the attractions.

The best timeto visit is between 8am and 1pm in the afternoon where the climate allows the best views. In summer, it is common to have a good time and admire the crater however, there may be banks of clouds that impede visibility and this can often be daunting yet the path in the park is very interesting. In the winter or rainy season, clouds are more likely to find in the crater

The visit tothis giant volcano may last an hour, enough time to do the tour and have a cup of good coffee

Entrance fee: $ 10.00 per person

After leaving the Poas Volcano, in the village of Poasito is the route that will take you to La Paz Waterfall Gardens.

This impressive project and built on the slopes of the Poas Volcano, brings together a number of attractions that will amaze you: you will find Hawks Aviary, Toucans, Macaws Ara, snakes, monkeys, pumas, jaguars. The facilities are excellent trails that make the trip easier. During the ride, the restaurant is offering a buffet of typical Costa Rican food.

The biggest attraction iswhen you start the final walk to admire the four waterfalls that are within the mountain. The route is through the forest but very well built staircases that allow security. Eventually, and after descending the mountain, a shuttle will be waiting to return it to the reception

Travel timeis approximately 2.5 hours including lunch.

The entry fee is $ 48.00 per person with lunch and taxes

Afterthis tour, it’s time to continue the path to the Arenal Observatory Lodge. There are two possible routes: Back to the international highway # 1 and take the route through San Ramon, or instead can take the route to the Virgen de Sarapiqui and follow the road signs that tell you how to get to our hotel. Nearly 3 hour trip through rural villages and beautiful landscapes to help you learn more about the daily life of our people and culture.

Bon voyage