La Fortuna Electric Route

In Arenal Observatory Lodge & Trails, we value the importance of the environment and we are committed to the development of sustainable tourism; for this reason we participated as pioneers in alliance with other hotels in the area of La Fortuna in the relaunching of “La Fortuna Electric Route”. The electric route is a support network that allows travelers with electric vehicles to reach a community to enjoy feeling at ease because they have charging points relatively close, for owners of electric vehicles to have access to charging points allows them to enjoy and travel without worries. This is what we are looking for with the Electric Route to have a greater number of visitors, but without forgetting the importance of mitigating the impact on our environment.

The Costa Rican Electric Mobility Association (ASOMOVE) participated in the re-launching of the La Fortuna Electric Route. The members of this association seek to generate a positive impact on the development of sustainable tourism, encouraging electric mobility generating zero emissions, the objective of which is to generate awareness and that we can make a change with practices that protect the environment.

In Arenal Observatory Lodge & Trails we have two charging points, one of 120 and one of 240 volts for electric vehicles within our facilities in support of sustainable mobility. In La Fortuna there are currently approximately 15 establishments, including restaurants, hotels and stores, willing to offer electric charging to their customers.

As La Fortuna is an electric mobility friendly community, it allows users of electric vehicles to get to know Costa Rica without polluting and enjoy the tourist attractions while charging their vehicles.

This year 2023 was the relaunch of the Fortuna Electric Route, and our goal is to provide sustainable tourism options, in this case travel in electric vehicles that allow us to draw the line to a change that benefits our environment by being zero emissions.

Our goal is to continue being part of sustainable alliances that allow us to minimize the impact on the environment by providing excellent service to our customers.